walk with snowshoe


Mountain rural heritage:

The Latin root of word heritage is "pater": father. Heritage is therefore the common inheritance of all what left us our fathers from time immemorial.

Heritage is not only a castle, a church... A "monument" must be replaced in a context to be included and to deliver all its sense.

Club Enfant Montagne
Fieldtrip for children:
Better know to be better possible protect and respect. The nature school is not to merge with the hooky, although somewhere it goes up to it. Fieldtrips occasion the small townspeople of a whiff of pure air.
Raquettes au Monal


There are more than 6 000 years of the people of Central Asia emigrated towards the Big Canadian North put on by rackets...

Today rackets allow walkings on the snow, for those who do not want "gliding".

Snowshoe is: