Arête des Bosses

Leave early when light has not touched the horizon yet. Discover little by little the sky taking pinkish red shades. See bursting the sunlight on the glacier. Finally after some hours of efforts, come out in the summit and embrace look an endless landscape. Here is the mountaineering.

Whether it is by ending a difficult ascent or by arriving at the top of an easy glacial walking, the mountaineer is always rewarded by show and by its pride to have succeeded.


Mountain rural heritage:

The Latin root of word heritage is "pater": father. Heritage is therefore the common inheritance of all what left us our fathers from time immemorial.

Heritage is not only a castle, a church... A "monument" must be replaced in a context to be included and to deliver all its sense.

Club Enfant Montagne
Fieldtrip for children:
Better know to be better possible protect and respect. The nature school is not to merge with the hooky, although somewhere it goes up to it. Fieldtrips occasion the small townspeople of a whiff of pure air.
Dôme des Glaciers

The high mountain within reach all

Logical continuation of the pedestrian walking, the glacial walking waits for you; make the first not you will never forget him. For it no need to be an outstanding person, it will be your first introduction on glacier, your first small summit.

Randonnée Col de la Fenêtre
-  The pedestrian Walking

To leave for a raid to ski, it is to leave for some days noise, worries, civilisation. It is to cross a door and to be suddenly elsewhere. In the middle of mountains. Immerse itself in the daytime and the night of this noise so different from our daily. Noise comes from wind especially, silence nowhere so present as in court of mountains in winter.