Climbing in Vanoise

Club Enfant Montagne
Fieldtrip for children:
Better know to be better possible protect and respect. The nature school is not to merge with the hooky, although somewhere it goes up to it. Fieldtrips occasion the small townspeople of a whiff of pure air.

What of more natural than to climb?

Since sound more youth, the man climbs. Self-preservation undoubtedly for our ancestors, escalation is after the walk simplest and the most natural of sports. Pleasure of gesture, pleasure of a progress, pleasure of being in nature. School of peace, self-restraint, modesty and complete sports, climbing is a marvellous university of life.

Via Ferrata du Rocher

Via ferrata is a big success today.

This practice of Italian origin (railway) and more precisely Dolomites is a relic of the 1st world war. In this chain of mountains separating Italy and Austria, the Italian equipped routes of cables and of ladders to make easier the transfer of troops.

Cascade de glace aux Boisses

As winter approaches as soon as the temperature goes down, the world of crystalline material creates, the liquid becomes solid, watercourses along walls freeze and change colour. Waterfalls are, according to their exhibition, altitude there, they live, move and create curtains of ice and cigars.The rock-climbers watch with impatience for their trainings to climb them up equipped with staples and with ski poles-traction well whet.