Raquettes au Monal


There are more than 6 000 years of the people of Central Asia emigrated towards the Big Canadian North put on by rackets...

Today rackets allow walkings on the snow, for those who do not want "gliding".

Snowshoe is:

  • Mill on the virgin snow as in off-piste skiing.
  • Be possible notice traces of animals.
  • Discover landscapes as though it was the "first one".
  • Get away in forest and feel intense joy.
  • Meet in mountain, in family or with friends, for a picnic on the snow.
  • It is also food a sports adventure supervised by a professional of the mountain.
  • Discover the until then inaccessible winter mountain.
Raquettes au MonalRaquettes au MonalRaquettes au Dôme de Vaugel
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