Ski hors piste à Fogliettaz

Off-piste skiing

To leave its trace in the middle of a forest of larches, to take down a virgin slope in the scintillating snow, to make a passage among the crack of a glacier, to go out of tracks blocked to find peace, it is all that the off-piste skiing. It is so sometimes the snow's crust in low altitude, a good fall in the dusty, a bit of walk to arrive at the top of a route or a good galley in bushes before attaining the small village and the so much waited restaurant. 

Perfume of adventure, of loneliness in court of the winter, bare of a nature put to sleep by big colds. Here is all that it is possible to be next by going out of tracks. Near but also far from ski lifts.

For your first slides there except track, your guide will take you along the tracks where it is easy to test you and to acquire bases, he will teach you the usage of ARVA and the safety regulations. Of course fall is part of game... 

The new equipment, notably the skis of dusty help greatly in the training of these techniques. Where some years ago was needed the hours and the hours of practice, the acquisition of bases is greatly made easier today and asks for much fewer efforts. 

Short descents at the beginning, then by taking insurance, the guide will be able to drive you on routes of wingspan. Why not to be allowed to attract finally by safaris of many days with in the key the discovery of the whole region.

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