VTT Vanoise

"On foot, on horseback, or in sailing boat" and why not in V.T.T. MISTER PRÉVERT?

The walking in V.T.T. it is the choice of a sports discovery of the mountain. The technical nature of bikes alloyed with judicious advice of your Mountain Leader, (possessor of special skills V.T.T. validated by DDJS), a nothing of will and you will climb up coasts, some drops of sweats appearing in the forehead to appreciate the drunkenness expected from descents.

Silloner cool forests, to span collars, to cross alpages, to splash itself with some water frozen by torrents; V.T.T., another way surely of acquainting itself with the mountain natural environment.

© Compagnie des Guides et Accompagnateurs de la Vanoise / Alain Petex, Guides Belleville