Nepal, Chile, Peru, Tanzania, Alaska, Mongolia here is peels blend some destinations of dream... From the Lake Baikal in the turns of Paine, of the Desert of Atacama in the chaine of Aleoutiennes, you will always find a guide to have its desire shared of exploration and of discovery.

The trekking is a long trip for the lovers of nature, of strain, of human contact. There we learn again the length of distance, the value of the simple things, the respect for other one, walk as means of transport. To leave in trekking, a good physical condition is necessary. On some destinations, altitude will pose the biggest problems. For it, no miracle cures: the guide will organise you a progressive rise, time of recovery so that you could become acclimated gently. 

Want to walk, sometimes know-how some sacrifices on comfort and food here is price to be paid to have access to the exceptional, to the extraordinary and to the unforgettable.

They come back from trekking transformed, more unassuming, more tolerant, appreciating in its fair value the comfort of our civilisation, with photos, memories of light, of smells, stronger, different, hotter musics. 

The trekking is not simply a sports trip. To train of course is necessary, but it is especially necessary to leave with the big eyes and ears opened to be able any time to look and listen to the men besides...

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