Pedestrian Walking

-  The pedestrian Walking
Walking Mountain, synonymous with reliefs, with sharpened needles, with pure air, with virgin and unsubdued areas. Mountain, freshness, silence, walk and vitality. Mountain, do not they come to scoop out from its breast the vital elements from our balance? To the rhythm of the walk, mind quietens down, by walking along towards summits, worries move away, nature envelops and protects the man of the attacks of modern time. In mountain, they «recharge in energy», one «done again a health», his sports capacities are tested and they acquaint themselves with the natural environment, with its wealth and its diversity by being completely submerged there.
Having guided Mountain by a Mountain Leader, it is with a whole security, without worries of the route, in rhythm and in the physical capacity of each, by giving no detail up, that take place walkings.
Not only your waitings as well physical as intellectual are filled up, but these professionals make you to discover more treasures unsuspected and beyond suspicion.
- The walking with topic
Flora, curative and culinary plants
Edelweiss, Columbine, Bluebells, Gentians, Monkshoods, Orchis... They are 4.000 kinds which decline in all colours, all sizes, all adaptations, of the simplest in the most ingenious, only to survive, nourir and reproduce. Magic of such an intriguing, Alpine vegetation which rises in terraces on slopes according to requirements of each. 
In 3 or 4 hours walk, it is very well possible of the hilly forest to earn eternal snows.
In the course of the water which babbles in streams, under the asperity of the sun of altitude in front of the inimitable brightness of summits, a fabulous and luxuriant tapestry takes place with its secrets: the Mountain Leader asks only to reveal you what he knows, because toxic plants in the culinary plants, by way of the curative plants, Vanoise is packed with wonders.
Fauna, ornithology, enthomology:
Ibexes, emblem of the National park of Vanoise, Chamoises, Golden eagles, Marmots are the most famous, the Mountain Leader are teeming with anecdotes being very fond of on their morals.
But there is others so much to discover... An Alpine lawn a day of sunny summer, a flower dissoluteness which distils sweet perfumes and hums of everywhere, a crowd of insects bustles about in thousand occupations, to liven the picture up everything in delicacy and in nuance; the butterflies whose mountain is the privileged place, the decor becomes frankly enchanting by adding to it the melodies of birds. The song in waterfall of the chaffinch in the short musical sentences of the thrush, in the clear voice of the redbreast in the twitterings of the tit, it is a tremendous concert which gladdens walkings and makes turn heads.
Reading of the landscape, geology, geomorphology:
Mountains are the impulses of a still young planet: the Alps put thirty-forty million years to set themselves up, born in the shock of continents.
However different types of erosion do not cease breaking and gnawing at the mountainsides which evolve non-stop.
The glaciers of the quaternary marked the landscape, they aired it by planing down collars, by opening broad valleys, by endowing it with circuses, with lakes and by allowing its colonisation so by numerous living beings, of which the man.
A mosaic surprinsingly complex of rocks, of basements which life immediately applied itself to colonize can be read of the foot at the top of the mountain. 
Everything explains then much better, guided by the Mountain Leader, it is not only possible to be delighted with the landscape, but also to understand it.
Cultural, architecture, heritage, know-how, customs, traditions:
Traditionally close to the mountain natural environment, the Mountain Leader could very quickly add to their walkings a cultural note, an heritage perfume because the Savoy's history is not very banal.
Under ashes brood the embers,
Under the waste land treasures hide, 
Under ruins memories hide, 
Under the dust life can come back to life 
Stones remember... 
Make the effort to watch, to smell, to listen...
And lead to guide your steps...
- Miscellaneouses: discovery of the sky, of the popular imagination (tales and legends) ... 
The Sky:
A starry night of July, a party in a hut lost up here in the mountain, nothing more to unsettle the sparkling of stars. The Mountain leader is not an astronomer, but just as the shepherd, its job often led him to live together with stars, to spend the night in the nice star, he can speak about it with court not being able to speak about it with science.
Popular imagination: Stories, of every sort and kind in Savoy is, they are populated with sometimes extraordinary characters, sometimes very real, it is not rare to meet dwarfs and fairies, to discover the devil in the course of the way, if it is not the wolf or the giant. Some Mountain Leader make storytellers on the occasion of evening when the fire splutters in the chimney, the imagination becomes established then and takes you to the country of the traditional legends of Savoy.
- Tours of massifs: (Vanoise, Beaufortain, Chartreuse, Mont Blanc...)
There are many ways of approaching the mountain, some people prefer conquering the highest summits, others, more modestly are satisfied to go it around, from stage to stage allowed to win by the magic of places.
The Mountain Leader of Savoy share this philosophy of contemplative progression, although sportsman, in court of massifs, admiring the high summits which are reflected in the water of lakes, without disturbing their secrets.
In walking for three-four days, or even a week or two, in hut, in hotel, under the tent or in bivouac, every massif delivers its features from which can get the time to immerse itself in it, leaving care to the professionals of the route and of the logistics.
- Stays seniors
Sports activity most practiced in France, with 31 million amateurs, the pedestrian walking has the coast to our white heads. And yes! What of simpler and more natural than the walk? Within the reach of all, without particular technology, they get some fresh air, they stay in form.
The Mountain Leader takes into account small articular problems, quick breathlessness and can cook walkings up with rhythms and adapted differences in altitudes.
Detours in villages, chapels, alpages, in the discovery of traditions, of heritage, pauses lunch with the tasting of the products of land, the visits of dairies, local artisans, ½ botanical days...
Our seniors colour their retirement of sports, natural and cultural activities, what of better for our elder, than a healthy mind in a healthy body and than in the autumn of life they could harvest fruits.
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