Climbing in High Mountain


Leave early when light has not touched the horizon yet. Discover little by little the sky taking pinkish red shades. See bursting the sunlight on the glacier. Finally after some hours of efforts, come out in the summit and embrace look an endless landscape. Here is the mountaineering.

Whether it is by ending a difficult ascent or by arriving at the top of an easy glacial walking, the mountaineer is always rewarded by show and by its pride to have succeeded.

The beauty of an ascent is especially work of rock-climber.

All these mountain elements allows the adults as the juniors to win over their emotions. Via ferrata as the mountain ways introduce 5 levels of difficulty (not very difficult, rather difficult, difficult, very difficult, extremely difficult).

Running in High Mountain: art to climb summits up

The holding on the more rigid slopes, the use of the ski pole or even of the ski pole-traction, the escalation in rock, in mixed fields. The whole palette of techniques, progresses and assurages will overcome all difficulties and will drive you on the prestigious summits (Mont Pourri, Grande Casse, Mont BLanc, Meije, Cervin...). 

An immense pleasure to be shared with your guide.

© Compagnie des Guides et Accompagnateurs de la Vanoise / Pascal Arpin, James Merel