What of more natural than to climb?

Since sound more youth, the man climbs. Self-preservation undoubtedly for our ancestors, escalation is after the walk simplest and the most natural of sports. Pleasure of gesture, pleasure of a progress, pleasure of being in nature. School of peace, self-restraint, modesty and complete sports, climbing is a marvellous university of life.

For the first steps,verticality and space is no need. The guide will initiate you on small cliffs or on artificial wall (knots in eight, assurages, shredders, climbing body language). 15 - 20 m of height are enough for gaining knowledge and taking confidence.

It is only after some sessions of introduction that they will approach higher routes which result very naturally in the climbing in mountain.

French School of Climbing :

For the youngest, the guides created a series of tests. The French School of Climbing of which we are part offers the Panda for example for the smallest (80 m of climbing combined), a first look on climbing; the Squirrel comes then (put alone his shoulder strap, make the knot of encordement, assure a friend) then the snap clasps of bronze, of money and of gold and the rock-climber of bronze, of money and of gold. 

During these trainings, security is our first priority.

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