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Fieldtrip for children:
Better know to be better possible protect and respect. The nature school is not to merge with the hooky, although somewhere it goes up to it. Fieldtrips occasion the small townspeople of a whiff of pure air.
As a supplement to the pedagogic plan of the teachers, the Mountain Leader, person of land having had opportunity to grow in mountain middle, is the ideal person to get this feeling to the children. He announces them the desire to express himself in these grandiose areas, to discover, to question, to whet all his senses, to launch on the meeting of true LIFE.
It is very naturally, with full of enthusiasm that the child is allowed to carry, that he comes back to sources, at the humanity origin .
Nature, the mountain leaves nobody uninterested, by knowing these places sensitive and threatened, a desire is born to want to protect, to preserve. Earlier the children become aware of it, earlier they give a sense of responsibility.
Internship of play and pedagogic discovery of the mountain:
The child is a full hiker, an advice nevertheless, no way to get to work it to walk because walkings in family can quickly be transformed into galley!
Solution? Entrust it care of the mountain professionals. Attention! Not to get rid of it, but because the Mountain Leaders are competent and have unstoppable arguments.
Some original expressions exist in Vanoise, and the kids days are charged with discoveries: admit flowers, bays, mushrooms, notice insects, fish in lakes, construct shacks, make a fire, a treasure hunt, disguise to see the animals, to sleep in a shelter, or an Indian teepee, to stuff itself with freedom, thanks to a sensitive and clever approach of mountain middle by playing the trappers.
It is to bet that by trying it in that way, the adults of tomorrow will join the ranks of the enthusiasts of mountain.
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