Canyon saut enfant

The canyoning is the activity which most developed these last years. It is a great cocktail of water, recalls, flumes, jumps and surprising ambiences. Accessible to all on the condition of wanting to play in the water, activity consists in taking a watercourse down in reduced debit, in jumping (never compulsory) into basins of cristaline water, in be allowed to slide into a flume sculpted in the rock by the water during thousands of years, go down with ropes in recall of projections or waterfalls, swim biefs of calm water... Which pleasure refreshing in fantastic ambiences, sharpened throats, sculpted, polished in the rocks of fabulous colours or in canyons with a luxuriant vegetation.

This play and convivial activity is played in group. Your guide will equip you with a combination with neoprene, with a helmet, with a shoulder strap and bring you all necessary attention to reassure you and to inform you about technical good uses for a pleasure descent in an adventure ground. For ten years the guides of Vanoise spotted, cleaned, equipped the canyons of any levels, since the christening of half a day of introduction up to the canyons of strong emotions with big jumps and big recalls in day or in internship of many days.

Some canyons in Savoy:

La Léchère :
- Eau Rousse PD
- Pussy d/TD

La Bathie :
Le Benetant D

Bauges :
- Montmint AD
- LE Gréant AD
- Le Ganey PD
- Pont du Diable D
- La Leysse D
- Le Reposoir AD 

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