Adventure Park

Parcours Aventures

Who did not dream one day to be able such a squirrel skip trees in trees into a forest which smells nice firs? 

This dream became now a reality thanks to course risk. 

These routes constructed especially by cables, ladders and hanging bridges, allow to go for a walk in more than 10 metres of the soil of tree in tree following various workshop all player some than others.

On the programme: rises of ropes ladders, monkeys bridges, tarzan creepers, Tyroliennes... dozens different workshops are accessible on each of courses. Courses adventures are played in family or between accessible friends as well for the parents as for the children.

Several difficulties are possible, of the green course which is easy, in the black course which is the most difficult.

Security is ensured by a guide of high mountain which will explain you the way of using your thongs and snap clasps which will be linked up all long with a cable ensuring your security. 

Courses risk is available in Courchevel, Tania, Montalbert...

Parcours AventuresParcours AventuresParcours Aventures
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